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Here Comes Browning Ammunition

Every era of the American nation’s existence has been marked by technological advancement, from Eli Whitney and the cotton gin in the 18th century to the engineers behind self-driving automobiles in the 21st.

Here Comes Browning Ammunition

One of the peaks of American technology was reached in the latter-half of the 19th century, from the time of Samuel Morse and the telegraph to Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone, Wilbur Wright and wing warping that made powered flight possible, Nikolai Tesla and the electric induction motor, any number of inventions by Thomas Edison starting with the incandescent light, flexible photographic film my George Eastman, and even the skyscraper–along with less spectacular, but no less essential ones, such as the spring clothespin, the mousetrap, the fly swatter, the thumbtack, the egg beater, and perhaps most important for every draft of every invention to come after it, the pencil eraser. And among the most significant inventors to emerge from this period was John Moses Browning.

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Born one of 19 children in Utah less than ten years after his father, a well-respected gunsmith in his own right, trekked to the edge of the Great Basin Desert in the Mormon Exodus of the late 1840s and opened a shop in Ogden, the younger Browning grew up in a pioneer time when survival depended as much on reliable firearms and ammunition as it did on a reliable team and wagon or the moldboard plow. It was a time when the numbers of game animals and birds in the U.S. states and territories outnumbered the human population by a factor of at least a hundred (start with a few billion passenger pigeons alone). This was when gunsmiths were as highly regarded by entire towns as were doctors, lawyers, teachers, or firemen, some of us feeling the same way about them today.

Starting in his late 20s, Browning was developing, inventing, and experimenting with firearms, his first an innovative falling-block single-shot cartridge rifle that became immediately popular; and he was still at it nearly half-a-century later when he died, at work on another firearm design, literally at his gunsmith’s bench in the Belgian city of Liège where Browning guns were being made. In between came lever-action, slide-action, recoil-operated and gas-operated self-loading rifles; double-barreled, lever-action, pump, gas-operated and recoil-operated–like the classic Auto 5–semi-automatic shotguns; gas-operated and recoil-operated–like the famed M1911 and the Hi-Power–pistols; gas-operated–like the Browning Automatic Rifle–and recoil-operated–like the decades-long military mainstay, the “Ma Deuce”–machine guns; and even a 37mm automatic machine cannon. And for almost a century those Browning products, and far more, have been made by the Browning Arms Company, still in Utah.

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Beyond firearms, the Browning name has over the years come to be found on hunting and shooting products from gun cases and vaults, knives, flashlights, boots and clothing, camping gear, trail cameras, sporting bags, and gundog supplies, everything to complement the outdoor needs of the Browning firearms owner. Or almost everything. The “Buckmark” is at last to be found on Browning’s own precision shotshell, rifle, pistol, and rimfire cartridges, for hunting, target, and home


They are part of an expanding line of ammunition to enhance Browning’s already considerable line of firearms more directly than any other Buckmark products. Browning owners can now “shoot Browning” in both the firearms they hold in their hands and the cartridges loaded into those firearms. Why would they want it any other way?
There will be more to come about how to get the most out of your Browning ammunition.  So, all there is to say is for the present is, watch this space.

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