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Predator Hunt Now and Snows on the Horizon

When you gear-up and head out to go hunting, there’s no reason to grab just any ammunition. Why not make a smart decision and use the best? When you hunt use ammo that is designed to take down the species you’re after. Browning Ammunition offers a full line of ammunition specifically designed for your next outing afield.

Predator Hunt Now and Snows on the Horizon

Tis the season for coyote hunting and spring snow goose hunting is soon to follow. Here in good ol’ Minnesota, I get the privilege of hunting coyotes year-round. When I go out into the field, the ammo that’s in my vest is Browning. I like the BXV .223REM 50grain. This round delivers rapid expansion and massive trauma on predators. It gets the job done quickly and efficiently. You’ll even notice that Browning Ammunition looks different. The nickel-plated shellcase will feed smoothly in your firearm and this means you can get your second shot off and on target that much quicker. Coyote hunting is super-fun this time of year so make certain to give them a go this winter!

When I’m in a blind hearing that defining noise of a mass of snows get closer and closer, I have my Browning A5 by my side. It’s chambered with Browning’s BXD waterfowl ammunition 12ga 3” 1-1/4oz BB non-toxic steel shot. This high velocity shot shell is designed for long-range. Its wad is designed to keep its pellets together for longer distances. I can tell the difference between other brands of ammo and Browning ammunition. You get a wider dispersion with other ammo where the BBs are flying everywhere. With Browning ammunition, you can visually see the tighter patterns for longer distances. It’s critical when you’re out in the field that you have reliable ammo that feeds through your firearm well because you may not get another shot off. You want ammo you can depend on.

I’ve been hunting waterfowl and coyote for years. When I switched over to Browning ammunition, I could immediately see tighter pattern and tighter groups that could go the distance. That gave me more confidence when shooting. And who doesn’t want to be more confident?

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