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Browning Ammunition: Bullet Types Built for the Range and More

Ammunition can be a very intimidating and overwhelming subject for anyone that doesn’t know much about hunting or the shooting sports. (I can’t cover all ammunition types and terminology, or this blog would turn into a book). I will start by going over some of the most common ammunition types that are used for training at the range and personal defense. 

Browning Ammunition: Bullet Types Built for the Range and More

One of the most common rounds out there is the FMJ or full metal jacket. This bullet consists of a soft core metal such as lead, fully encapsulated by a harder metal such as copper or nickel-plating. The tip of the bullet can be round, flat, or even pointed. This round is great for punching paper at the range, but not preferred for defensive situations.

Hollow point bullets are great for personal defense. These are bullets with a hollowed-out tip made to expand once entering a target and tear through tissue as it travels throughout the target. It’s a go-to round for home and personal defense situations because it is designed to fully expand after penetrating the intended target.

Browning offers both FMJ and hollow point bullets. The Browning Performance Target Ammunition, or BPT line, is a full metal jacket bullet with a black nickel-plated shell case which improves reliability and feeding through the firearm. The bullet weight and velocity are similar to the Browning Personal Defense ammo, BXP, which allows for consistency in accuracy and reliability.

Some hollow point bullets with open tips can get clogged and may fail to expand. The Browning Personal Defense hollow point ammo is very unique. The X in Browning’s X-Point Technology is more than cosmetics. The X guards the hollow point making this a very reliable round for consistent expansion and penetration.

What’s great about Browning FMJ and hollow point ammunition is that both products shoot and feel pretty much the same, making the transition from training ammo to personal defense a similar and comfortable experience.

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