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Ammunition: Choices, Choices

Browning has a long-standing reputation in offering high-quality products for hunters and shooters alike, including Browning Ammunition.

As I continue to introduce people to the shooting sports, it’s common to have many questions surrounding the differences in firearms and ammunition. One of the most common in fact is the difference in ‘centerfire’ and ‘rimfire’ ammunition.

Ammunition: Choices, Choices

To better understand the characteristics of each type of ammunition, rimfire, centerfire, we can start with the internal components of each cartridge. If you think about it, the names, ‘rimfire’ and ‘centerfire’ focus on how the ignition system works.

Let’s break it down:

A cartridge is a combination of the bullet, casing, propellant and primer. The ‘bullet’ is the projectile, not the entire cartridge. The difference between rimfire and centerfire has to do with where the primer is located. With rimfire ammunition, the firearm’s firing pin strikes the bottom of the cartridge rim near the edge with enough force to ignite the primer. When you look at the bottom of a rimfire cartridge, it’s basically flat. Whereas, centerfire ammunition has a primer in the center of the base, at the bottom of the cartridge. The firearm’s firing pin strikes the primer that is located within the center of the bottom of the casing. The primer of a centerfire cartridge is a separate and replaceable component. This is easily distinguished just by looking at the bottom of the cartridge.

With Browning’s BPR performance rimfire ammo, you’ll see that the black oxide bullet coating provides reliable functioning and performance, designed for smooth feeding in semi-auto firearms. These features all come together to make this round very reliable and consistent for both hunting and target shooting.

Browning Ammunition offers a full line of centerfire ammunition for both shooters and hunters, using high-quality components and materials. Time spent educating shooters (novice or even the experienced) on ammunition types is extremely valuable. There are many types of ammunition with different attributes and benefits, which can make for great experiences at the range and in the field!

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