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Caliber Choice for the 1st Time Deer Hunter

When it comes to newcomers and big-game hunting, one of the most common questions is, what is an ideal, all-around rifle caliber.

Caliber Choice for the 1st Time Deer Hunter

For many reasons, the 243 Winchester (Win.) is certainly one caliber to consider. Rifles in 243 Win. tend to be lighter in weight, and deliver minimal recoil. Ballistically, however, this caliber is capable of taking medium- to large-size game. The weight of the Browning X-Bolt rifle in this caliber is well-distributed making it comfortable and easy to carry. Whether you’re trekking long distances on a spot and stalk hunt, or, taking a short walk out to a deer stand, carrying a compact, lightweight rifle that can deliver can be very important.

Additionally, ammunition choices in 243 Win. have become increasingly popular among hunters over the past several decades with the advancement of bullet technology. For example, Browning BXR ammunition offers a rapid expansion matrix tip that is designed to be specifically used on whitetail, mule deer, blacktail, and antelope. The jacket and tip combination provides accuracy and knockdown power that hunters demand.

While I have highlighted the 243 Win. caliber in this instance, there are certainly other options to consider. It’s not uncommon to read articles, watch videos online that also can explain the benefits of certain rifle calibers. For people who want to get in to hunting and learn, taking a hunter safety course is a great first step in learning. Additionally, visit a gun shop/firearms dealer. Ask questions about rifles, ammunition, optics, and other gear that will be needed.

Choosing a rifle can take time. It’s important to practice shouldering the rifle and getting familiar with its functions. Learn how to load and unload the firearm, the location of the safety and other key features. Again, taking a hunter safety course is a great way to start the process of learning.

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